Since the Inception of our being our mind is designed for a Survival mode. During the hunter’s age for the safety of the family – we human being need to think in line of having  potential danger around. Every move that the human is to make was always in Survival mode.

Great people talk about idea’s. Good people talk about people & ordinary people talk about things.

Our mind is designed to see more negatives a i.e whenever we talk about – we talk about their negatives only- like he should have not behaved like that, he could be more soft or he was so harsh or he was behaving so harsh etc only negatives comes out of our mouth.

It is not our fault our mind is designed to see negative first then positive. Today we are in absolute safe zone there is no chance a tiger coming out from no where and come in front of us or kill us. We are not atall living in fear zone. In our city there is no potential threat of getting killed from an animal or anything else. Since our mind is designed to see more negatives we need to reframe it and start looking for positive.

Even the newspaper we read daily – consist of only negative news because this is what mind is always attracted too. There is no news of Good things happening, there are no talks of so many small good things happening around by the people in society.

We can reframe our mind  by some of these simple practice.  When we start writing a gratitude journal of all the things we really have and start appreciating it. Do u rememeber the time when we were in school- when our teache use to appreciate for something that this boy is really unique and he will do something great in life, we start feeling good about it and we expand  share and circulate the news to all the people in house with our loved ones, friends. We don’t forget the praise done to us by our teacher till this date.  We feel expanded when we are praised and we feel contracted.

How can I have gratitude in my life?

Gratitude is a attitude towards life. It is a practice of enjoying everything and appreciating things around. Finding things in people you can appreciate or learn or you can praise. Whenever Richard Branson mother use to criticize about anyone. Her mother use to make her stand in front of mirror and tell him you possess the same qualities that you were criticizing about.

How can we practice gratitude in our daily life?

You can implement with simple techniques like lotus of Gratitude – which is taught by Nithya Shanti in the video below

It is a beautiful practice that anyone can implement to have gratitude in his life.

  • Gratitude Jounalling
  • Magic Rock
  • Lotus of Gratitude
  • Nature Walk
  • By asking Right questions.

How can I learn gratitude?

Gratitude cannot be learnt, it is practice- a mindset to be happy and contended. It brings joy and love to heart. Practice it for 30 day. My challenge to you…. everything will change around you. You will feel lighter and more beautiful.

Does gratitude make you happier?

Yes absolutely Gratitude will make you happier more contented and make you feel good. It is a said whenever you feel good you are always in the most creative state. You are absolute pro-active and energetic to implement some crazy idea. To do something out of your comfort zone.

How does gratitude affect your brain?

When you start practicing Gratitude on daily basis. You neuron – the communication between you dentrias start increasing. A new pathway is created for more proactive brain. You left and right brain starts working simultaneously. eg When you are in worst experience also- You can ask What so good about this ?- A very powerful question to convert any negative to positive.

How do you start a gratitude list?

I am so Happy and Grateful that finally i am riding my dream roadbike.

  • Keeping the sentence in present tense
  • Make it appear as you have achieved it
  • Feeling Grateful about it.
  • Saying Three time – Thank You in the end.

How can I be more grateful everyday?

You can be grateful for your life partner or your parents and take their blessings. The more gratefulness can be added only with feeling attitude in lotus of Gratitude shown above. You can enhance the gratefulness with you feeling with your heart. Its really powerful.

How can I improve my gratitude?

You can always improve your gratitude list by – asking what more thing you can be grateful about ?

How can I be thankful to God?

You can be thankful to God

  • By appreciating its creation
  • Meditation
  • Helping other i.e Seva
  • Satsang
  • By helping people around you

Does an attitude of gratitude really make you happy?

Yes absolutely – this attitude helps to see the brightest light in the dullest scenario- it helps to look at the positive side in spite of all negatives.

How to become a happier person and practice gratitude?

Be Grateful and you all be more happier. Everything is correlated- when you always in the moment enjoying the presence alive, being here- you automatically start feeling happy and gratefulness come along. Course you can give a shot to see what works

  • Art of Living – happiness coures
  • Inner Engineering – By Satguru
  • Nithya Shanti
  • Vipasna
  • Autobiography of Yogi- Teaching by them

This course some of them personally experience by me- it really works.

Is gratitude the secret of happiness?

Yes – because when you are happy you are appreciating everything around and visa versa. It is so simple thing to do on everyday basis. Yet unappreciated.

How important is gratitude?

Gratitude is as important as breathing, a tonic for success and a tonic for being happy.

How do you express gratitude?

You can express by

  • Journalling
  • Gratitude Rock
  • By a Gift
  • Gifting a rose

Check out the video below for a littel different prospective on Gratitude by Marie Forleo

Writing 5 sentence about one things- comes with lot of emotions- and it multiplies the effect as shown in the video.

What does Gratitude really mean?

Gratitude mean being humble, being in the state of appreciating the small things. As if it means the world to you. A way to express our expanded consciousness.

What Happens when we start writing Gratitude Journal ?

When we start writing Gratitude Journal – we start rewiring our neurons. There is a concept of neuroplasticity- we start rearranging our neurons  and we start developing a new pathway to see things in a different prospective. The whole shift chances. This is practice of 3% people who are millionaires and billionaires. Results are absolutely amazing when you start practicing on daily basis.

I personally practice the above techniques mentioned in the above. Some of the very powerful way which can really help to discover a insight about you. After my meditation i usually think about What are things i am really greatful for ? for 3 min- next Who are the people i can send blessing or i can bless ? for 3 min – next What are the 3 things i want from this day ?

Don’t Make this practice boring like being grateful only for the regular things. Challenge your mind – what are the other things i could be grateful for ? It could be a coffee, it could be watchman, it could be driver, it could be your coach. Anything but make it interesting and energizing- write 5 sentence about it.

If you are in a depression situation then- Do this- Write 10 things everyday in night before sleeping that you can be grateful for ? Don’t underestimates these simple practices. These are time tested and habits of Great people.


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