5 Excercise of practice in morning can really help you in poop

1st Posture- Potty posture

Sitting posture like a Indian toilet. Both legs on the ground. There is a intense pressure is created in the stomach which pushes the poop out of body. This posture is one of my favorite. I practice this whenever I am feeling uneasy and my stomach is upset. I prefer sit in this posture and release my poop. Very powerful but very underrated.

Potty Style

2nd Posture- High knees

Well high Knees pushes your stomach inside which compresses your large intestine where your wastage is stored. It really helps to push your poop out.

High Knees

Alternatively- Skipping/Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks helps you pushing the poop outside the body. Very fast way to release your poop.

3rd Posture- Pavan Mukt Aasan

Lying done on Your back and pushing your knee to the chest & keeping your one leg straight. Try to touch your knee and your head. Hold this positing and breathe slowly for atleaset 5 counts.This has to be done with single & single knee first. Once done then both knee are pushed to chest. Holding this posture for 5 breathes. Again roll up & down, roll sideways let your back be massaged.

4th Posture- Forward Lunges

Lunges really helps you to push your excreta in downward position. It is helpful in releasing your poop. Even Squat posture is really good in removing the poop out of the system.

5th Lotus posture

Meditation with lotus posture or half lotus. Meditation is all about breathing in and out and paying attention to your breathe for 10 minutes can really help you releasing your poop.

2 more Exercise which can be really helpful.

First is indian style of cleaning the floor very effective. Since you have to clean the floor in potty style only, with movement of hands as we wipe the glass. Same we do it with the Glass. Second is Bending forward while sitting in Vajra-aasan. i.e sitting like a Hanuman and bending forward. It pushes the belly inside. Very good for back and removing the poop.

Can yoga make you poop?

Yes Yoga can really help you poop. Some of the exercise are mentioned above which can really help you.

Is yoga good for constipation?

Yes Yoga is good for constipation. Constipation is a result of stress and wrong posture of sitting in the bathroom. Basically in constipation your link to the lower parts is blocked which creates pressure for you to release your poop. Yoga helps and release your block portion.


What exercises help you poop?

The exercise that really help you poop is mentioned above. There are many more but this are some few i have tested on my self and it has worked very well time and again.

Food that helps to release your poop

Drink Warm water- Drinking water is been most effective way to release your poop. Specially warm water/ lukewarm water help to push the wastage out of body. You should be drinking the water when you get up early in morning. For 2 reason you should be drinking.

1) Your body has been dehydrated in the overnight sleep and rest. And the body needs water to remove the waste generated from all the cells.

2) When we get up early in the morning the saliva which is in our mouth is considered as medicine by ancient yogis. This saliva is so powerful that if it is applied on a excema or pimple, it will start healing. This saliva has 18 elements of soil which is very necessary for the body. So drinking water in morning can help in reducing many disease.

Ajwain- One of my favorite ways of removing my gas or poop is eating ajwain. Ajwain is highly used in indian food preparation, it helps in digestion of food and reducing the gas in the stomach when the stomach is upset.

Jeera Pani- Insert jeera in water and boil the same till the colour of the water is changed. This is helpful for removing poop and even for reducing gas in stomach. I have been using it for a very long time.

Yastimadhu– Ayurvedic pill very helpful for removing the poop and even helpful for removing gas.


Lemon Water- Hot lemon water in the morning. Heating the water only after putting the lemon. The reason is very simple Lemon is critic Acid when you warm it you can change its alkamey. The warm water is alkaline with lemon it becomes even more powerful.

Few more  thing that you can add up to make the mixture very powerful. You can add Adrak  slices and lemon together and warm the same. the combination is really powerful. When you start taking this combination for next 30 days. Your body energy will shoot up like crazily. You fatigue will be gone. Your constipation will be almost gone and many more benefits are there.


You can start a simple routine of getting up early and creating your lemon water with adrak then start your exercise. This will boost your immune system and you will feeling like going for the poop. Keep practicing this you will be amazed after 30 days of continuous intake.

This will increase your alkaline level in your body and reduce acidity in your body which will help you shoot up ur energy level.  If you are going to gym and you want to reduce your weight. Just start this early morning routine of having Lemon water with adrak. This will even start cutting your fat down.

Milk- It has to taken in night, i personally don’t drink in morning. Well Ayurveda suggest it to be drink milk in night. Well milk is a very effective tool for removing poop if you drink it in night.

Butter Milk- This is helpful if taken it in morning. It improves the digestion and cools the stomach and helps to remove the poop from the body.

Hartaki- Again a powerful Ayurvedic Herb helps to remove the poop in the morning. It is combination to triphla power which is recommended in Ayurveda for effective way to clearing your stomach in morning.

I personally take the lemon water with adrak to kick start my day with alkaline. Its ll starting your day with absolute alkaline water provided by nature. This all exercise and techniques mentioned above are out of my experiment with my body. I have tried and tested all the above methods which are really helpful in removing poop out of the system.

We have tested this on 110 people when we were training for Marathon in 2013. Even people above 50 were able to run marathon just regularly increasing alkaline level in the body. This is really powerful tested on multiple people.

One of my close friend Shehnaz she lost 9 kg just by going to gym and drinking lemon water with adrak. Her instructor was amazing why are you loosing the weight with same exercise and other people aren’t loosing. She was preparing for CA exams and she felt so energetic she was not even able to sleep. Her fatigue was all gone.

Please do share your story with me if you are really benefited out of it. This has helped so many people in my community and now it should help you also.


Blog Headline: 5 Exercise that can help you poop & free you from constipation Blog Description: Exercise & Food that can relly help you to remove your poop very effectively. The combination is really powerful.
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